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Introductory Statement of My Persecution Story

On July 26 and July 27, every time when I took a break from my work to sit in front of the NTDTV programs, it was always the exact story, and started at the exact place. I was very surprised by this.

As a cultivator, I know that everything happens for a reason.

There must be an important message to learn.

In fact I know what the message is, even during the first time when I saw this story. But I simply had a deep feeling about it and walked on to carry out my daily responsibilities.

However, after my third time of watching this exact same story, I know I need to write this story down for others.

After I did the practice of Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts, I became clear why I need to be placed in front of the NTDTV program to watch the same story from a movie three times consecutively.

It is the issue of FEAR that I have been witnessing in the past eight years of being persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party, on the land of America.

So here is the story: there was this great hero, name General Xie Mu Shu, who devoted his life to save the Yi Ming (leftover people) from the destroyed ancient Korean. In one battle, he was wounded and drifted on a tree brunch to a remote village where the Hebo people were living. The third daughter of the Hebo people’s Chief, Miss Liu Hua, saved his life and hid him in her little hut, where she was running away from a pre-arranged marriage. When the New Ruler’s army searched for General Xie Mu Shu to the Hebo’s Village, a threatening warning was given: anyone who hides General Xie Mu Shu in the Hebo Village shall lead to the total elimination of the entire village of Hebo people. The Hebo Chief calmly announced to the whole village: everyone goes home, since this announcement has nothing to do with us. If anyone sees a stranger, then report to me, and we shall be alright.

For three consecutive times in the past two days, when I felt hungry and decided to sit down for a break, as soon as I sat down in front of the television, I was always brought back to this exact same scene of the movie.

So watching the trusting villagers happily dispersing to return to their own homes, the Hebo Chief noted there was his young council standing next to him, appearing to be very anxious. He asked, “So, what is the matter with you?” The young council replied, “I have something important to talk to you.” So inside of the room, the young council revealed to Hebo Chief that he one day saw Miss Liu Hua was walking with a young stranger by her hut and believed that she was hiding the General Xie Mu Shu. Hebo Chief said, “Let us go catch him and interrogate him whether he is truly the General Xie Mu Shu.” The young council said, “If this man is truly General Xie Mu Shu, then none of us has the ability to fight him.” Hebo Chief said, “What should we do?” The Young Council said, “Let us report to the Ruler, this way we have fulfilled our duty and we will be all safe.” Hebo Chief said, “General Xie Mu Shu is the hero for the leftover Korean people. If we do not support him, how can we hand him to the Ruler?” The Young Council replied, “But this concerns the safety of our entire Hebo Village’s life and death.” The Hebo Chief’s whole body showed a shivering shock. Soon, in the darkness, the Young Council and the Hebo Chief were on their fast horses, speedily leaving the village to report to the Ruler.

When I saw the fast horses and the two ignorant people on the horses, and their expression on their faces, I could not help thinking about all of those who, in the interest of protecting themselves, hurriedly embarked on a path of major betrayal, which, leads to the ultimate self-destruction.

On the other hand, Miss Liu Hua, after hearing the blood-freezing threat, quickly rushed back to her hut with excitement. All that she was hoping to confirm was that the man she had saved is truly General Xie Mu Shu, not fearing the deadly consequences. Of course, General Xie Mu Shu did not expose his truly identity to her. Before the arrival of the Ruler’s army, he escaped into the dark night.

Miss Liu Hua and her father were placed in front of the Iron Horse General, who interrogated Miss Liu Hua, “Does this man have a wound on his arm?” Miss Liu Hua admitted. “Where did this man comes from?” Miss Liu Hua replied with honesty. The Iron Horse Chief gave the information a brief thought, and suddenly yielded, “Xie Mu Shu!” Chief Hebo called out with terror, “No, it is not possible.” As soon as his words were spoken, he was pieced by the sharp sword of Iron Horse General, who then ordered with cold blood, “Kill all Hebo People in the Village.”

Then the audience is brought to the cruelest scene of murder. Innocent people was treated like animals and slaughtered ruthlessly.

I think the reason for the Hebo Village to suffer from totally elimination, is the foolish decision made by the Hebo Chief.

He was given a chance to choose between conscience and the superficial immediate survival need of his people. He placed the latter as the top priority, thinking that he was doing his job to protect his people, by handing in a Hero of the people to the powerful “Ruler” who is only interested in killing General Xie Mu Shu and pays no attention to human live. He knew it is wrong, but he justified his action by “protecting” his people.

On the surface, it appears to be right: which is most important, the lives of so many people, or that of one. He did not think that if he hides this hero in support of his daughter, he would gain a great hero to be his son-in-law, who had all the power to protect his entire village. God sent a protector to him, but he decided to betray this protector. The result is: total elimination of his entire village, as well as himself, who was the first to be killed by the Iron Horse General.

When one FEARs the loss of something or someone he or she view to be so important, and the keeping of this something or someone requires he or she to give up conscience, then disaster will follow.

In the past several years, I have seen how FEAR killed the conscience of many people, among them are my family members, my classmates, my colleagues and friends. I also see the similarity between Hebo Village people and the American People, who do not understand the danger they are facing today, when Chinese Communist Party also already secretly sneaked into every aspect of American people’s life, with a false promise.

America’s future, like that of the Hebo Group, can be ruined, when President Obama plays the role of Hebo Chief, who listens to the FEAR advice from his trusting Council, like the Secretary of Commerce, Gary Locke, who, due to FEAR, already gave up his conscience and has become a CCP Accomplice, in the process of shutting down my laboratory in Seattle.

Here in New York, there is the “Young Council” counterpart, John Liu, who has been bought by the CCP for over a decade, and now has made Flushing New York a place that American cannot have a normal living.

For this reason, I believe that it is time for me to share my personal story with the American public, so that the American public is ready to fight an evil, instead of repeating the tragedy of the innocent Hebo Village people, who, after being told that everything would be all right, were waiting to be murdered overnight.

My close friend was concerned about my safety two years ago, when the report on my experience was first made and delayed its publication. My repeatedly seeing the sad story of the Hebo people is a warning sign to me that it is time to let my story heard!

Dr. Tongwen Wang, Ph.D.

Founder of the Whole Elephant Institute