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The Whole Elephant Institute is a non-profit organization established by a Chinese-American Scientist, Dr. Tongwen Wang, in 2005, with a key mission of “Promote Traditional Chinese Culture, Pave a Path of Holistic Study of Mind-body-Spirit” (;  

Through Dr. Wang’s personal experience, Dr. Wang became convinced that the ancient Qigong practice, Falun Dafa ( ), contains the profound wisdom and power to help modern people to walk out from life crisis and find true health of mind-body-spirit.  

Dr. Wang has been devoting all of her time and personal resource, in the past ten years, to promote the practice of Falun Dafa to the general public as well as to the scientific community. Due to her being outspoken about the truth of Falun Dafa, as an Internationally Renowned Scientist, she became a target of persecution of the Chinese Communist Government, which, under the dictatorship of the former leader of the Chinese Communist Party, Jiang Zemin, initiated the persecution of Falun Dafa since July 20, 1999.  

The persecution directly targeted Dr. Wang’s husband, via hate propaganda, which labels Falun Dafa as “evil cult”. Under the influence of the hate propaganda, Dr. Wang’s husband decided to force her to silence her voice, by threatening to divorce her as well as to take away her most beloved son. In addition, she became a target of defamation, with the intention to totally destroy her reputation as a scientist and as a good mother.  

While enduring the great pain of losing the trust and love of her beloved husband and losing her basic right as the mother for her beloved son, Dr. Wang chose to exercise compassion to simply walk away from all of these losses. The excruciating emotional pain almost caused her to suffer from mental break down, but the profound teachings of Falun Dafa guide her with the truth of life and allowed her to use the pain as her step stones to spiritual maturity. By letting go human sentimentality, Compassion rises, like a Lotus Flower.   

She continued to work as a scientist at the Benaroya Research Institute at Seattle Washington, with a plan to systematically study the health benefits of the practice of Falun Dafa, in collaboration with another scientist, Dr. Lili Feng, at Baylor School of Medicine, Houston, TX.  

However, the Chinese Government did not stop at breaking her family.  

In 2003, when Dr. Wang was at the peak of her career, becoming the leading authority of her research field, and became the American Cancer Society Scholar, her laboratory was ordered to shut down by the Director of the Benaroya Research Institute, Dr. Jerry Nepom, who recruited Dr. Wang from Harvard Medical School as a star scientist and had been the greatest supporter of the research project of studying the health benefits of practicing Falun Dafa. The sudden change of his attitude towards Dr. Wang was associated with a secret visit of a representative sent from the former Governor of Washington State, Gary Locke, who has a track record of intimate business dealing with the Chinese Communist Government.  

At the end of 2004, Dr. Wang’s laboratory at Benaroya Research Institute was officially shut down. Her appointment at the University of Washington, Department of Immunology, was also prematurely terminated. Her research program supported by the American Cancer Society (ACS) was forced to shut down and about 400,000 dollars of grant funding was forced to return to the ACS.  

In the Spring of 2005, while Dr. Wang was visiting New York City and Boston in an effort to rescue the unlawfully jailed Harvard Scientist, Dr. Charles Lee, Dr. Wang’s parents, under the pressure and deception of the Chinese Communist Government, ordered Dr. Wang’s brother, Dr. Jianxin Bao, a neuroscientist, to take over all financial resource of Dr. Wang, in fear of Dr. Wang using her resource for exposing the persecution.  

Following the order and used his “smart” mind, Dr. Jianxin Bao created a “wedding banquet” and lured Dr. Wang to St. Louis, and then used his “friend” Dr. Amelia Gallitano-Mendel, an Instructor in Psychiatry at the Washington University at St. Louis, to meet Dr. Wang for the first and only time at the “wedding banquet”, to make up a fake medical diagnosis, which claimed that Dr. Wang was suffering from severe “manic depression” (the Bipolar Disease). With this medical diagnosis, Dr. Jianxin Bao successfully obtained legal Guardianship over Dr. Wang in Seattle Court in May 2005. 

Dr. Jianxin Bao then confiscated all of Dr. Wang’s personal belongs, closed her bank account, and sold her family house, and approached the Director of the Benaroya Research Institute, Dr. Jerry Nepom, informing him that Dr. Wang “found a research position in China”, therefore wanted to ask Dr. Nepom to ship all of Dr. Wang’s research products and equipments to China. Although Dr. Nepom refused the request, later, for unknown reasons, he dispersed Dr. Wang’s research equipments and tossed out all of her research products, which were the results of Dr. Wang’s over 10 years of work supported by the grants from National Institute of Health and American Cancer Society.  

Dr. Jianxin Bao then repeatedly pretended to care for Dr. Wang, while secretly defaming Dr. Wang to be “mentally ill”, with an intention to totally isolate Dr. Wang, and eventually bring Dr. Wang to China. If his plan succeeded, Dr. Wang would most likely be facing unimaginable mental and physical torture, like many Falun Dafa practitioners in China, who were tortured to death in mental hospitals with nerve poisonous drugs.  

Dr. Wang, however, under the kind-hearted fellow practitioners’ help, was housed by the aunt of former President of Taiwan (Mr. Chen Shuibian), Ms. Ling Lee, and started to station in Flushing, New York., to establish a non-profit organization with the aim to continue her scientific research and fulfill her promise to the general public in finding a cure of cancer, through public education. In May 2005, Dr. Wang started the paperwork for the registration of the Whole Elephant Institute. 

Immediately prior to Dr. Wang’s trip to attend the “wedding” in May 2005, an important meeting occurred. In front of the Flushing Library, Dr. Wang met Mr. Brian Weiss who, at the time, was suffering from severe emotional pain due to the loss of his love for his wife, who, he considered had committed unforgivable betrayal towards him. He was praying to God for sending him a good wife everyday, before his wondering about to search for the “wife”.  

Dr. Wang was doing public education in front of the Flushing Library. She asked Mr. Brian Weiss to purchase some tickets for an upcoming show which aimed to generate fund to help to rescue orphaned children whose parents are Falun Dafa practitioners persecuted to death by the Chinese Communist Party. Mr. Weiss’ trust to Dr. Wang and his interest in learning Falun Dafa led to Dr. Wang’s being invited to Mr. Weiss’ family house in Oceanside on the day they met, and then was retained to be a house guest that night. When Dr. Wang was introduced to the three boys of Mr. Weiss, Dr. Wang fell in love with them immediately. The innocent love from these three boys and their secret wish for their father to walk away from the pain of loss made the boys to be the little match-makers for Mr. Weiss and Dr. Wang.

While Mr. Weiss was eager to fight legal battle to have total custody of the three boys, Dr. Wang kindly persuaded him to exercise love, forgiveness and compassion to his wife, and promised to help him to help the children and his relationship. Mr. Weiss’ wife, Margred, upon hearing the words from the mouths of her three boys, were totally moved by Dr. Wang’s good heart, and upon hearing from Mr. Weiss’ hope of marrying Dr. Wang, decided to persuade Dr. Wang to be Mr. Weiss’ new wife. Learning the great danger she was facing and understanding her role in fulfilling her promise to Mr. Weiss in helping him to learn Falun Dafa and resolving family matters, Dr. Wang decided to accept the marriage proposal by Mr. Weiss. Due to the inability of the legal dissolution of the previous marriage between Mr. Weiss and Margred (financial issues), Dr. Wang and Mr. Weiss enter into putative marriage in the Spring of 2005.  

In July 2005, Dr. Wang became pregnant. On the midnight of the first day of Spring in 2006, Dr. Wang started labor, at home, listening to the lectures of Falun Dafa. On March 22, 2006, Baby Lotus Blossom Weiss arrived peacefully in the family house of the Weiss family, with Mr. Weiss to be the brave “midwife”.  

Dr. Wang became a mother again. The magnificent power of Falun Dafa impressed everyone in Dr. Wang’s life. The first day after giving birth, Dr. Wang was already doing Falun Dafa exercises. She found her entire body was readjusted to recover from the sudden weight loss. Four days later, the three of them went to Manhattan to attend a whole day of Falun Dafa practitioners’ experience sharing conference. The following week, Dr. Wang took baby Lotus to York College to give three-hour lecture and three hour lab teachings.

Throughout the first year, baby Lotus was following Dr. Wang to do public education. The two of them were invited to the Oceanside School District, and went into elementary school, middle and high school to teach traditional Chinese culture and to inform the students the ongoing persecution of Falun Dafa. The two of them went home after home to deliver newspapers and other truth-clarification materials. Dr. Wang also did a lot of translation work to expose the persecution cases of Falun Dafa practitioners from China.  

At the end of 2006, Dr. Wang, Baby Lotus and Mr. Weiss traveled to Seattle together to clarify the truth in Seattle court and informed the court the lies of Dr. Jianxin Bao. Dr. Wang delivered a long letter to Mr. Longyear, the Attorney of Dr. Jianxin Bao, hoping to wake up his conscience. However, the court demanded Dr. Wang to find an attorney and to provide medical diagnosis to disprove her “mental illness”. Both conditions were not possible to meet at the time, since Mr. Weiss had no financial resource to help Dr. Wang.  

In the Spring of 2007, Dr. Wang decided to return to Flushing to carry out community education projects. She took baby Lotus with her and used the fund sent to her from Seattle Court “under the name of Guardianship”, to fund the Whole Elephant Institute Community Education Center in Flushing Mall.  

Flushing is a community that clearly manifests the infiltration of the Chinese Communist Government in America. With the ambition of totally controlling America, the Chinese Communist Government has been systematically infiltrating into various social strata of the Untied States. In Flushing, both former council members, Allen Young and John Liu, were totally controlled by the Chinese Communist Government and secretly were working as the CCP Accomplice. Most of the store owners on the Main Street , which is the key street in Flushing, are linked to the Chinese Communist Government. By giving these store owners money, the Chinese Communist Government is installing its plan of “Building a Nation within Nation”, and gradually turning Flushing into the backyard of the Chinese Communist Society of Mainland China. The Western businesses are gradually being kicked out from this community and replaced with stores full of Chinese cheap goods. Local police and local library in Flushing are both heavily influenced by the Chinese Communist Government. Illegal practices of law, medicine, businesses and education are everywhere. Large amount of illegal immigrants manage to stay in Flushing, doing under the table work and being routed into committing crimes and carrying out illegal activities. The streets of Flushing become packed with illegal small street-vendors, with plastic trash tossed everywhere, and the apartments become roach-infested and mice-infested.  

Dr. Wang and baby Lotus were housed in Ms. Ling Lee’s apartment. After two months of hard-working efforts of renovation, the Whole Elephant Institute Community Education Center was ready to open to the general public. On day one, as soon as Dr. Wang put out the poster of the New Tang Dynasty Television’s International Vocal Competition, the Chinese Chess King, Mr. Weixuan Gao, was shocked by this, and yielded: “Are you Falun Gong?” Immediately he was ready to torn the poster down. Mr. Gao was afraid that all of his students and parents would no longer come to learn from him, as long as they know that he was co-renting a space with a Falun Dafa practitioner. Such a fear soon became even more real, since the manager of the Flushing Mall also started to pressure Mr. Gao to kick Dr. Wang out. Harassment and threat based upon discrimination became a daily encountering for Dr. Wang and baby Lotus. Baby Lotus’ beauty constantly attracted mothers and children to come to Dr. Wang’s office. Despite the much harassment and threat, Dr. Wang and baby Lotus soon started to deliver public education to the general public and Dr. Wang’s reputation also started to spread. An old Chinese grandmother in her late seventies started to come to support Dr. Wang. She watched Lotus while Dr. Wang was working. Then many other mothers and children came over to make friends with Lotus and Dr. Wang. In September 2007, Mr. Gao was ready to totally give up the office and wanted Dr. Wang to shoulder all financial responsibilities.  

To accomplish so, Dr. Wang decided to go to Seattle Court to completely terminate the Guardianship. She took Lotus with her to travel to Seattle and both of them were housed by Seattle practitioners, Aysha and Tan, who have a little son, Shan. There, Dr. Wang filed a motion to request the court to investigate her case and demanded to have her own attorney. The court refused to let her have her own attorney, but gave her a Guardian Ad Litem and a court-appointed attorney to investigate the case. Dr. Wang again requested Dr. Bao Jianxin to confess to the court what he did. When the court-appointed attorney, Ms. Luis inquired Dr. Bao the source of the medical diagnosis, Dr. Bao told her that it was made up. When Ms. Luis was ready to hand this information to the court, Dr. Bao’s Attorney Mr. Longyear refused to let Dr. Bao sign the document which recorded Dr. Bao’s confess. When Ms. Luis requested to interview Dr. Amelia Gallitano-Mendel, Amelia requested that Dr. Wang must sign a form of consent, for her to “release” information about Dr. Wang. Dr. Wang told Ms. Luis that this is a trap, since Amelia never was her doctor and there was never a doctor-patient relationship, therefore there was no issue of consent. Ms. Luis then informed the court that Dr. Wang refused to “cooperate” with her, therefore requested to quit from being Dr. Wang’s attorney. The Guardian Ad Litem, Susan Howe, and the court-appointed attorney both took a large sum of legal fee and let the motion for investigate expire.  

Dr. Wang and Lotus were taken back to New York, by Mr. Weiss, who was very exhausted from seeing what Dr. Wang had to go through with his lovely baby girl, who he almost had no time to see. He decided to move to Flushing with Dr. Wang to support her work. Dr. Wang and Lotus temporarily stayed in Oceanside to wait for finding a place for the little new family.  

Then, a call came to Dr. Wang, informing her that the apartment previously used for Flushing Falun Dafa practitioners to do group study and meetings was having trouble and might needed to give up. Dr. Wang decided immediately to help with the situation. She convinced Mr. Weiss to allow her to rent this apartment, called 9F, which is located on the ninth floor of an apartment building on Colden Street , Flushing.  

Apartment 9F was rented by a Falun Dafa practitioner, Mr. Kim Chueng, who is a small business man from Hong Kong. Due to the discrimination environment in Flushing, created by the defamation-filled Chinese language newspapers in the Chinese Community, local Falun Dafa practitioners could not find an open-to-public space for group study and for hosting visiting Falun Dafa practitioners. In 2004, when many Falun Dafa practitioners traveled from out of town to come to New York to participate in the public education events in Manhattan, Mr. Kim Chueng rented apartment 9F to help with the living accommodation of visiting practitioners, especially those who are elderly. One night a week, all local Falun Dafa practitioners used to gather in 9F to study the teachings of Falun Dafa and discuss public education projects in order to help the deceived Chinese people to learn the truth about Falun Dafa.  

However, even in an apartment complex ran by Western business owners, discrimination towards Falun Dafa practitioners did not stop. Soon the Chinese people who were living on the 9 floor of this building started to spread lies about Falun Dafa practitioners to the building manager. Dr. Wang later was informed that vicious lies were spread about 9F, including “prostitution”. The Chinese family, poisoned by hate propaganda, spread hate towards 9F on the entire floor and made all tenants on the 9 floor to sign on a petition to the manager in order to force Mr. Kim Chueng to move out from 9F.  

Dr. Wang decided to support Mr. Kim Chueng to pay for the rent of 9F, which, at the time, housed three elderly Falun Dafa practitioners, who were rejected by their own children, due to their children believing the hate propaganda about Falun Dafa. At the time, Dr. Wang had no financial resource but the fund held by the Seattle Court , which, at the time, after the expiration of the motion to investigate the case, decided to hand Dr. Wang’s fund to the Seattle Guardianship Service, upon the request of Dr. Jianxin Bao. The Seattle Guardianship Service would not release fund to Dr. Wang unless Dr. Wang had a lease as the proof document. Mr. Kim Chueng then asked Dr. Wang to sign a sublet agreement to retrieve fund. With the fund, Dr. Wang renovated the apartment and made the apartment clean and beautiful. The three elderly practitioners were treated like her own mother. Lotus suddenly had three grandmothers.  

Dr. Wang used 9F as her Office for the Whole Elephant Institute and planned to use this office to introduce Falun Dafa to the tenants of the building. Mr. Weiss sadly realized that his dream of being reunited with his wife and daughter is again not happening, but still was ready to support Dr. Wang. He came to help with the clean up of the kitchen, which was roach-infested. After spending his own money to clean the roach in the kitchen, he helped Dr. Wang to lift down the old cabinets in order to clean the back sides of the cabinets. However, the cabinets were totally rotted by roaches and they decided to move them downstairs into the storage room for inspection the following day. The superintendent was there and agreed that they would move them down to the storage room. However, the following day, the building manager rushed straight into 9F without Dr. Wang’s permission and ordered to take photos of the living room. Dr. Wang was very puzzled by his anger. Soon Mr. Kim Chueng received a letter informing him to pay the fee of damaging kitchen cabinets, and he was also ordered to move out. Dr. Wang tried to communicate with the manager, Mr. Renal, and inquire the rationale of his action. Upon Mr. Kim Chueng’s request, Dr. Wang asked Mr. Weiss to come to meet with Mr. Renal to ask for transferring the lease from Mr. Kim Chueng to Dr. Wang and Mr. Weiss. Mr. Renal even refused to talk to Mr. Weiss. Since then, Dr. Wang and Mr. Cheung were repeatedly dragged into the housing court, throughout the year of 2008.  

It was exactly then, on May 17, 2008, the Flushing Hate Crime Incidence occurred. Dr. Wang and Lotus were attacked in front of Flushing library, given death threat, physical attack and verbal abuse. The hate crime was initiated by the Chinese Communist Government, directly. The Sichuan Earth Quake killed over 10,000 school children and the cause of it was due to the corrupted Chinese Government Officials. When the Chinese people were shocked by the loss, the Chinese Communist Government initiated several international hate crime incidences to frame Falun Dafa practitioners. Mobs and CCP reporters were sent to the scene, and with the mobs surrounding the Falun Dafa practitioners and cursing the practitioners with angry words such as, “Traitors”, “You deserve to die”, the reporters took the shots and played the video to the Mainland Chinese audience, claiming that those were angry Chinese people because the Falun Dafa practitioners were happy about so much death in the earth quake, cheering and celebrating the earth quake. Such lies by the oversea Chinese media caused hate crimes to occur immediately on the Flushing Streets. Elderly Falun Dafa practitioners were subjected to physical violence, and the hate crimes continued like a fever for almost a whole year in Flushing.  

Mr. Weiss grew more and more anxious and started to be very upset about Dr. Wang taking Lotus onto the Street of Flushing, considering it to be totally unsafe. When Dr. Wang continued to take Lotus with her to do public education in Flushing, Mr. Weiss and the entire Weiss family decided to take actions against her.  

At the end of 2008, Mr. Kim Chueng was under great pressure from his family members regarding the 9F apartment, since the manager continued to threat Mr. Chueng regarding fines. Under the pressure, Mr. Chueng decided to give in and in one court hearing, he agreed on vacating 9F and also took over 6000 dollars of fine for Dr. Wang to pay. Dr. Wang refused to cooperate since she had no fund to pay the fine and also consider that the accusation and the fines are all persecutory and shall not accept.  

Together with Lotus, Dr. Wang wrote letters to the residents of the building and visited each apartment to clarify the truth. She also visited John Liu and Allen Young’s office, but both refused to see her. Another Council member, Tony Avella, took down her information, but was unable to help her despite of his attempts.  

Because Dr. Wang enrolled herself in the paralegal program at the Berkeley College, she learned some basic legal knowledge, and therefore she took the knowledge into practice and successfully gained additional time of stay in 9F until April 2009. However, due to the lack of Mr. Kim Chueng’s support, her legal action was constantly ignored, under the reason of her not being the tenant.  

In April, the City Marshall came to lock down 9F, forcing Dr. Wang and Lotus to walk away from 9F with almost every left behind. Since then, all of the items inside of 9F were locked away from her.  

That night, Dr. Wang and Lotus were homeless and were immediately hosted by Mr. Abraham Hidelgo, who benefited from the practice of Falun Dafa after learning the practice from Dr. Wang at 9F. He and his entire family supported Dr. Wang and Lotus in the following months while Dr. Wang continued to go to Berkeley College to study.  

In June 2009, Dr. Wang finally secured a place for her and Lotus, at Ms. Ling Lee’s apartment. However, one month later, someone reported Ms. Ling Lee to the Department of Building, claiming her illegal construction inside of the apartment. Ms. Ling Lee knew that the real reason was that her housing Dr. Wang and Lotus were discovered by local CCP spies who were then making trouble for her. She could not afford the financial loss and decided to let Dr. Wang and Lotus leave.  

Mr. Weiss, under the pressure from his family members, and his concern for the living condition of Lotus, decided to take the legal action and take Lotus away from Dr. Wang, who, decided to take the humiliation again. Little Lotus, at the age of three and a half, after spending almost every minute of her life with Dr. Wang, was forced to suddenly leave Dr. Wang and was kept almost in totally isolation from Dr. Wang since August 19, 2009.  

In this whole year, little Lotus was allowed to see Dr. Wang only three times. However, every time when Lotus came back to see Dr. Wang, Dr. Wang always encouraged Lotus to be strong and happy and to help Dad and other Weiss family members. At the third time, when Lotus quietly told Dr. Wang that she wanted to stay with her and did not want to go back to Oceanside, Dr. Wang told her, “I will remember your words.” Understanding the situation, little Lotus waived her little hands to Dr. Wang when she was ready to return to Oceanside with Mr. Weiss, “Mom, Dad is my little friend and I will take good care of him.” Dr. Wang told her, “Remember, Mom is always next to you.” 

Many people told Dr. Wang to quickly secure a well-pay job to prove to the court that she was able to support Lotus and therefore “fight” for her right as a mother. On the surface, it was like a repeat of what happened in 2003, when her son Noah was taken away from her. Mr. Weiss used to say to her, “I would never do what Alan did to you. If I do that, you will most likely go totally insane.” Many people when first heard that Dr. Wang became a mother again, and saw her joy of having Lotus next to her, all commented, “You finally have a child again and now your entire life is all about this child.” So, when Lotus was “taken away” from Dr. Wang, Dr. Wang was like being subjected to “live organ” harvesting, for the second time. Chinese people call their beloved children as precious to a mother as the liver and heart. Dr. Wang first was subjected to removing her “liver”, her son Noah. Then she was subjected to removing her “heart”, her daughter Lotus.  

Both incidences, when tracing back to the origin, can be linked to one person, Peng Keyu, the Council General of the Chinese Consulate. When he was working in the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco, he was in charge of spreading hate propaganda to Dr. Wang’s former husband, Alan Genatossio, causing Noah to be taken away from Dr. Wang; when he is now working as the Counsel General in New York Chinese Consulate, he was in charge of orchestrating the Flushing hate crime in May 2008, which made Mr. Weiss afraid of Lotus’ safety in Flushing. 

Dr. Wang decided that the cause of her being persecuted here in America is the infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party’s hate propaganda into America. To end the persecution, which has been experienced by all Falun Dafa practitioners, is to end the hate propaganda infiltrated into America.  

Dr. Wang decided to trust Mr. Weiss’ good heart and his commitment in taking good care of Lotus, therefore totally refuse to fight for her rights as a mother. In her eyes, Lotus is different from ordinary children, since from day one she is already a Falun Dafa practitioner. Although Dr. Wang could not see Lotus physically, but she held Lotus close to her mind and soul spiritually. She decided to use the name “Lotus” as her own English name as well, since after ten years of being a Falun Dafa practitioner, she has become a true Lotus Flower and now is ready to help many Moms and Girls to become Lotus Flowers, through the Whole Elephant Institute! 

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