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A Massage from Dr. Wang

to All Fathers

on Father’s Day  

A father’s greatest responsibility is to protect the family from being harmed and keep the family strong and healthy.  

The greatest threat in the world right now is a form of deception, which can easily poison the mind and soul of world people.  

The deception comes in all forms to target human selfish desires and negative emotions, which ultimately can stir up so much stress to destroy a normal mind and a good heart.  

The deception makes one feel angry, feel depressed, feel unfair, feel total hopeless.  

The deception makes one crawl back into one’s selfish small corner to be isolated from the grand love from God, and makes one forget to seek for the truth. A good father then starts to do wrong. Instead of protecting the wife and children, and to build a strong family, he starts to break a family apart and starts to alienate children from their Mother, who shall be always the nourishing fountain of human love in a normal family life. 

The most dangerous form of deception, among all forms, is the deception from the Chinese Communist Party. The whole world has been targeted with lies towards a special group of people. They are called Falun Dafa practitioners. The Chinese Communist Party systematically applied all means of propaganda machinery with an ulterior motive to totally eradicate the practice of Falun Dafa. In America, through spreading lies towards Falun Dafa practitioners, the evil spirit of the Communist Party has silently infiltrated into every aspects of American families' life, like a malignant cancer.

The nutrient of this evil spirit is called Hate, which can be stirred up by deception, in even a good father’s heart, when the heart lacks the guidance of Truth. 

My Father’s Day gift, therefore, is a Gift of Truth.  

The Truth will serve as a most potent form of protective therapy to boost up your immunity against the Deception.  

I hope all American Fathers can see through lies and work on building a strong family united with the Love for God. 

Below is a paragraph of Truth for American general public to see through the lies spread by the Chinese Communist Government in an attempt to destroy the families of Falun Dafa practitioners here in America. My own family has been a target of such an evil attempt:

"The persecution towards Falun Dafa practitioners in America is primarily carried out through spreading hate propaganda to directly poison people’s mind. In the case of persecution towards Dr. Wang, it occurred in a very organized fashion. First, the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco spreads poisons made by the Chinese Communist Government to the American Family Foundation (AFF) and made AFF believes that Falun Gong is “evil cult”. It involves first systematically gathering the personal information of the spouses of Falun Gong practitioners and sending emails of hate propaganda to stir up suspicion and terror within the spouses’ mind and heart. For example, Dr. Wang’s husband started to be so paranoid upon hearing the lies of "Falun Gong practitioners refuse to go to seek medical care and caused over one thousand deaths", and the lies of "Falun Gong practitioners’ children are brainwashed to become abnormal", that he would get into a major argument over minute issues with Dr. Wang, such as whether putting cortisone-containing lotion onto a mosquito bite that their son Noah had on his leg. These spouses who became successfully transformed by the hate propaganda were then organized to work with Margaret Singer, a clinical psychologist and adjunct professor emeritus of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, with an established reputation in the field of “cult” research. Margaret Singer became totally poisoned by the hate propaganda from the CCP and started to write a book to defame Falun Gong, using “destroying family”, “not seeking medical treatment” as the so-called "signs" of “evil cult”. Such a deadly poison of mind soon took effect on Margaret Singer’s physical body. She was diagnosed to suffer from cancer and died in 2003. In every way, the Chinese Communist Party killed her." 

I send my Greetings and Best Wishes to all good fathers in the world: please protect your family with the power of knowing the Truth!

Dr. Tongwen Wang

Founder of the Whole Elephant Institute


给 父 亲 的 一 封 信




【大纪元2月14日讯】(作者按:因为我与父亲的通信已被无锡政府监视,此信无法通过正常方式送到我父亲手中。故而希望由大纪元时报帮助发表,让有神通的信使让我的心声传到父亲耳中吧! )











Written by Dr. Tongwen Wang

President of the Whole Elephant Institute