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全象日记: 还原事实找回理性走出误区正义良知快归来(2) 06/07/2021

全象日记: 还原事实找回理性走出误区正义良知快归来 06/07/2021


The Whole Elephant Institute:

True Human Body Life Science


Human body is not a molecular machine.


In modern empirical life science field, human body is dissected all the way to the molecular level which is now the most frontier modern life science field.


However, we all know that molecule is not the most microcosmic particle.

其實,現代物理學已揭示了比分子更微觀的層層粒子:原子、電子、中子、夸克、中微子、神粒子。分子內其實是寵大的空間,就象太陽系: 電子就象九大行星一樣在圍繞着原子核(太陽)轉着。

In fact, modern physics has already revealed the existence of layers upon layers of more microcosmic particles smaller than molecules:

atom, electron, neutron, quark, neutrino, God particle

We now know that atom in fact consists of mostly vast space like the solar system in which electrons spin around the nucleus just like the nine planets spin around the sun.


So, as the Dao School says: what is inside the human body corresponds to what is outside of human body.


Human body in fact corresponds to the universe.


The Main Consciousness in the human body in fact is the Lord of the universe that the human body corresponds to.


Modern empirical life science approaches the Truth of Life like the seven blind men touching the small parts of the Whole Elephant.


Looking at the human body from the Whole Elephant's perspective: the most outside and superficial shell of the whole human body is molecular.


Many human diseases originate from microcosmic particles smaller than molecules of the multi-layer and multi-dimensional human body, although the diseases' manifestation can be first observed at the cellular level: redness, inflammation, cell malfunction and out of control excess growth etc. However, behind these cellular level malfunction and loss of balance is the molecular level malfunction and loss of balance, which again is rooted in the malfunction and disturbance from even more microcosmic levels.


Modern medicine is only capable of fixing the superficial malfunction at the molecular level, transiently.


Molecular Medicine.


This is the so-called most advanced modern science and technology which brings human beings the option of "molecular medicine", which in fact is only capable of transiently inhibit disease symptoms but leave the root cause of disease untouched, and also can not avoid side effects. This is because human body, even at the most out shell of the molecular level, is an extremely delicate wonder of precision system. Any external entities entering this system is nothing but interference to the system. Such external entities can cause nothing but more trouble if they can not interact with this precision system of molecular layer human body organically and harmoniously.


Those man-made western medicine in fact fall into such a category of disturbance and interference to human body.


If the foreign entities enter the human body to only cause transient interference and disturbance before they are cleaned away by the human molecular body, then the human body remains safe. However, if the foreign entities are powerful with spirit, human molecular body is too weak to clean them away, and even fall into their control and manipulations, then inviting these foreign entities into human body due to blind faith in the so called "high tech science" is an action of self-destruction.

現在的mRNA "疫苗",其實就是這種情況。

Now the mRNA "Vaccine" falls into such a category.


The ancient Chinese Traditional Medicine field is based upon the understanding of "Heaven and Man are One", and thus is Holistic in approaching the human body and thus is safe without adverse side effects that can harm human body.

中醫治病中最高藝術: 用音樂來全息調整失衡了的人體系統,作用在極微觀。

The superior healing art of Chinese Traditional Medicine: apply music to readjust the imbalance of human body system. The healing target is very microcosmic.


However, the most microcosmic target of holistic healing methods, in fact directs at the human main consciousness.

If the human main consciousness is awakened and strengthened enough to be able to mobilize and rectify the particles of the layers upon layers of human body, all diseases can be healed instantly.


Then, how can the human main consciousness accomplish this?

答案: 正法修煉

Answer is: through doing cultivation practice following the True Law


For most human beings, the main consciousness inside the human body is suppressed by molecular level mechanisms.


The thoughts of ordinary human beings do not originate from one's main consciousness but in fact are mere reflections of deposits of various informations accumulated within the molecular human brain throughout one's growing up in the human world.


The human main consciousness that is not awakened has no power over the layers upon layers of particles smaller than molecules in the multidimensional human body.


However, if the human main consciousness can work through faith to allow some powerful Truth of the Law of the Universe to enter the surface layer of the human body and then send orders to the surface layer human body according to the powerful Truth, such an act is also powerful enough to deliver instant re-balance of human molecular body, thus regain the so-called health. This is because the operational mode of the human cells follows the orders from the molecular human brain.


When someone sincerely recite the Nine True Words:


Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is Good!


Falun Dafa is Good!


Allow the heart to be free from other thoughts but purely focusing upon these Nine Magical Chinese Characters


Allow all cells and molecules in the surface layer of the human body to together recite these Nine Magical Chinese Characters


Your molecular body can regain balance instantly!


However, if the not awakened main consciousness lacks the ability to have righteous faith to follow Truth, such a healing path is blocked.


Only when one can follow the Law of the Universe to complete the path of cultivation practice, one's main consciousness will be completely awakened to the full power of the Lord of the whole human body corresponding to a universe.


On the other hand, the most destructive information towards the human body also targets the human main consciousness. The ideology of Communism is powerful and anti-universe, thus is destructive to the human body.

當人的元神在不清醒的狀態下被共產主義意識形態的強大信息通過外界長期的灌輸 (稱為洗腦)后,這種外力就控制了人體的細胞與分子 ,讓這些人的人體細胞開始以共產主義意識形態的操作程序工作,在人體細胞層面就展現出各種現代人的怪病,統稱:

When human main consciousness at the state of not awakened is subjected to the influence of the external powerful information of the Communist Ideology which enters into human body repeatedly through extended period of time of brainwashing education, the power of the Communist Ideology starts to take control of the cells and molecules of the human body and make cells and molecules to operate in the Communist Operational Mode. Such human bodies soon manifest all forms of modern diseases which are categorized as:

系統病(System Level Diseases):


Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Diseases

自身免疫性疾病 (包括糖尿病)

Autoimmune Diseases (Including Diabetes)


Neurodegenerative Diseases


Cancer and Malignant Tumor

現在定義為免疫系統受損人群 (Immunocompromised Population)其實就是這種情況。

Those who are labeled as the Immunocompromised Population fall into this category.


Chinese people who have been subjected to long term brainwashing by the Chinese Communist Party to accept the Communist Ideology, thus their mind-body-spirit turns deviated.


Western people who have been subjected to long term brainwashing with the Variants of Communism also accept the Communist Ideology and their mind-body-spirit turns deviated.


The global pandemic (or Plague) today appears to be targeting these deviated human bodies, victims of the Communist Ideology. Those human bodies which died in the ongoing plague manifest their last stage human life phenomena at the molecular and cellular levels, exactly corresponding to the human society chaos stirred up by Communism via Violence and Deception.


These are the Self-Destructive Life Phenomena Manifested at the Human Cellular and Molecular Level within the deviated human bodies:


Cytokine Storm and White Lung Phenomenon

任何人,若不明白這些細胞及分子層面的現象,只要看看共產政權國發生的一次次階級鬥爭、暴力革命,中共統治下八千萬非正常死亡及全球有多少可貴生命在共產主義意識形態的影響下消亡,及當今正在美國這個"世界警察" (對應的是人類社會之"後天免疫系統" Acquired Immunity之主體)展現的危機,就明白了!

Those who do not understand these cellular and molecular level phenomena will understand clearly what happened within these human bodies upon reviewing the human society level phenomena manifested in those communist nations: one after another class-struggle movements; violent communist revolutions, the over 80 million unnatural death of Chinese people under the CCP authoritarian regime; all the precious human lives vanished under the influence of Communism globally; and finally what is now happening to America, the "World Police" which corresponds to the key players of the Acquired Immunity of Human Society!


So, human body life phenomena also correspond to human society phenomena!


So, the only Exit for humanity to walk out from the current global pandemic (or plague), from the Whole Elephant Science perspective:


Every human being mustthoroughly clean away all poisons of the Communist Ideology from one's Mind-Body-Spirit!


The key characteristics of the Communist Ideology:

假 Deception

惡 Wickedness

斗 Violence


The Key Characteristics of the Universe, according to the teachings of Falun Dafa (

真 Truthfulness

善 Compassion

忍 Forbearance


When a human being understands this truth and sincerely wish to thoroughly clean away all poisons of the Communist Ideology through clearly and correctly recite these Nine True Words in Chinese:

法 Fa 3 Law

輪 Lun 2 Wheel

大 Da 4 Great

法 Fa 3 Law

好 Hao 3 Good

Falun Dafa is Good!

真 Zhen 1 Truthfulness

善 Shan 4 Compassion

忍 Ren 3 Forbearance

好 Hao 3 Good

Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is Good!


The 5000 years of Traditional Chinese Culture has the most precious Chinese Characters whose structures and sounds are directly linked to the structure and space-time of the universe!


When one used the correct pronunciation of Chinese to fully focus one's mind to recite these Nine True Words, what happens to the human body cells?


The poisons of the Communist Ideology instantly vanishes like when darkness is shined with the golden sun light!


The Whole Elephant Institute human life science researchers now consider the Nine True Words to be the top choice to promote to the general public in helping humanity to walk away from the global pandemic (plague) into future!


That is right! These Nine True Words together with Justice and Conscience of humanity are sufficient to help one to purge all poisons of the Communist Ideology from one's mind-body-spirit and thus can survive into future!

《全象學院:關於mRNA "疫苗"真相》

The Whole Elephant Institute:

Truth on

mRNA "Vaccine"


These are some basic discoveries in modern life science.


Discoveries in the fields of molecular biology and cell biology:


Human body is made up with human cells

細胞內有基因大分子 DNA

Cells have macromolecules called DNA


DNA can be transcribed to make mRNA

mRNA 可以翻譯成蛋白質

mRNA can be translated to make proteins


Discoveries in the fields of Virology and Immunology:


Regarding the Invasion of Virus


Virus has outer coat which contains the spike protein


The spike protein can bind the cell surface protein on human cells


Virus genes then enter into human cells


Virus genes then start to manipulate human cells to reproduce virus inside the cells


The reproduced viruses break open the cells


continue to attack other cells


Regarding human body responses to virus invasion


Human body has two large immune systems to counteract virus invasions

一. 先天免疫系统Innate Immune System

二. 後天免疫系統Adaptive Immune System


The Blind-Men-Touching-The Elephant scientists then started to play human life mechanisms:

將病毒刺突蛋白的mRNA 打入人體中

Inject the mRNA encoding the virus spike protein into human body


Use molecular biological technology to deceive the human cells

病毒mRNA 大搖大擺地長驅直入

Allow the mRNA encoding viral spike protein to enter straight into human cells


By passing the barrier of human cell membrane


Like the virus itself to manipulate human cells to serve its purpose


To make viral spike protein inside human cells on human bodies


Then release the viral spike proteins outside of cells


Here is the "smart" scientists' assumption:


The human immune system shall start to develop immunity towards the viral proteins made within the manipulated human body cells to fulfill the mission of a vaccine.

這就是今天的mRNA "疫苗" 的"科學性"

This is the so-called "Science" based upon which the mRNA "vaccine" is made.


It is purely based upon an assumption.


Usually it takes many years of animal experimentation to validate an assumption like this


To understand its potential side effects


Then it can be moved to the next stage of human clinical studies


Again with many years of follow up examinations


Before conclusions of its safety and effectiveness can be made.

可是,今天的病毒mRNA 被立即打上了"疫苗"的標籤,已大規模地開始在全世界人民身上做起了"人體實驗"!

However, today, the viral spike protein mRNA is immediately labeled as "vaccine" and now being injected into world people's precious human bodies at a large scale to carry out "human body experimentation"!

其實,所有現代生命科學領域的專家學者們,都能一眼看穿這個mRNA "疫苗"的理論基礎漏洞百出。

In fact, all true experts and scholars in the modern life science fields can immediately see the many potential loopholes of such an assumption of theory which the mRNA "vaccine" is based upon.

在過去三十年的分子生物學研究中對DNA, mRNA,蛋白質結構、功能、機理的研究及細胞生物學研究中對細胞的結構、功能、信號傳導及生命機理的研究中,真正的科學家們早已瞭解到人體細胞及分子的不可思議的複雜及精妙機制,根本不是一個簡單的人能隨意玩弄的"分子機器"。特別是人體的免疫系統中,隨着深入地研究免疫系統中各種免疫細胞 (特別是巨噬細胞、T 細胞、B 細胞、白血球細胞)及大量參與調控免疫細胞功能的細胞因子的工作機理,科學家們越來越明白:人類對真正的人體生命機理的研究,永遠是盲人摸象,越研究,越複雜,越覺得人類智慧及高科技的渺小及低下:人體生命現象之龐雜,是人類永遠無法用高科技手段去玩弄的。

In the past 30 years of advanced studies of the structure, function, and functional mechanisms of DNA, mRNA, proteins in the Molecular Biology field and the advanced studies of the structure, function, signal transduction and operational mechanisms of human cells in the field of Cell Biology, many true scientists have already fully appreciated the immense complexity and amazing wonders of operational mechanisms in the microcosmic worlds of molecules and cells! Human body is definitely NOT a simple molecular machine that can be randomly manipulated by human level intellect! Especially in the field of Human Immunology, as more and more discoveries are made in the understandings of the operational molecular and cellular mechanisms of the immune cells (such as the macrophages, T cells, B cells, polymorphic nuclear cells) and the vast amount of cytokines involved in the immune function regulations of the cells, true life science scientists are enlightened to the truth: the more one research into the mysteries of human cells and molecules, the more questions one is facing, the more one feels that human intellect and the so-called human high tech is so minute and low level. Human life phenomena are way too vast for human intellect to grasp or for human technology to manipulate!

當今的mRNA "疫苗",最大的問題是:

Many people are being deceived and are being used as little white mice in this large scale human body experimentation!


Immunologists, molecular biologists, cell biologists all over the world know the fact that injection mRNA into the human body is totally different from injection protein or dead virus into the human body. The fact that mRNA contains genetic information and has much greater potential to mess up the normal functions of cells.

全世界的免疫学家,分子生物学家,细胞生物学家都知道,向人体注射mRNA与向人体注射蛋白质或死病毒完全不同。 mRNA包含遗传信息,并且具有破坏细胞正常功能的更大潜力。

This mRNA "vaccine" is based upon many levels of wrong assumptions that have no scientific base to them. There is so far no evidence for its effectiveness in enhancing human body immunity towards the COVID19 virus, as a true vaccine shall deliver to people. The leading experts in the immunology field have raised great concerns for its potential disastrous side effects. But it is now being openly used for injecting large populations of people who are being falsely promised, under the banner of government-sponsored anti-pandemic health care.


The Whole Elephant Institute has published the following public education articles and videos on the topic of COVID 19 Virus (also called the CCP Virus) Wuhan Pneumonia:

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