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"Founder of Falun Gong Publishes 'Why Mankind Came to Be"


[The Epoch Times, January 21, 2023] On Eastern Standard Time of January 20, 2023, Master Li Hongzhi, the Founder of Falun Gong, authorized the Epoch Times to publish "Why Mankind Came to Be". The full text is as follows:


“Why Mankind Came to Be"


First of all, I would like to say hello to everyone on the occasion of Chinese New Year!


During the Chinese New Year, there should be a few New Year's words that everyone likes to hear, but the danger I see is approaching human beings step by step. For this reason, the Gods and Buddhas asked me to say a few sentences that the Divine wants to say to all living beings in the world, every sentence here contains heaven's secret, in order to let people know the truth and give them a chance to be saved.


Why Mankind came to be? The universe has to go through a long process of four stages of Formation成-Stasis住-Decay壞-Extinction滅, from the creation to the end. Once the universe reaches the end of the process of final "Extinction滅", everything in the celestial body, including the universe we live in, will disintegrate in an instant! All lives will be destroyed!


Human death is only the superficial deterioration and aging of the body, while the human soul (the real self does not die) will be reincarnated in the next life. The universe has Formation成, Stasis住, Decay壞 and Extinction滅. People have birth生, aging老, sickness病, and death死. This is the law of the universe. Gods will also go through this process, but it will be long, and the greater gods will be even longer. There is no pain in their life and death, and the process is all sober, just like changing outfits. That is to say, life generally does not die. However, when the universe and celestial bodies disintegrate in the final stage of Formation成-Stasis住-Decay壞-Extinction滅, life will no longer exist nor reincarnate; all lives and objects will cease to exist, turn into dust and return to nothingness. At present, the human world is going through the final process of "Extinction滅" of Formation成-Stasis住-Decay壞-Extinction滅. Everything in the end will become bad, that's why it will be destroyed, and that's why the current society is in such chaos. Human beings have no kind thoughts, do disordered sex, display psychopathy, do drug abuse and have no faith in God and manifest other chaotic phenomena. This is the inevitable end of the celestial body, and it has come to this point of time!


The Creator cherishes the gods, the many good and beautiful lives, and the good creations in the celestial bodies. Therefore, in the early days of "Decay壞", he led some Gods to the godless land at the outermost layer of the celestial bodies (collectively called Beyond the Dharma Realm) and created the earth. The earth cannot exist independently, it must have a corresponding celestial structure to form a circulatory system of life and living beings to exist. For this reason, the Creator created a large area outside the earth, which the gods called "Three Realms". Prior to the final salvation, no matter how high a god is, without the consent of the Creator, he is not allowed to enter or leave the Three Realms at will. Within the scope of the Three Realms, there are three major levels of realms. The level of all beings on the earth, including human beings, is called the "Desire Realm 欲界"; the second realm is above the Desire Realm and is called the "Se Realm 色界"; and the third realm above is the "Wu Se Realm 無色界". Each realm is higher and more beautiful than the realm below, but none of them can compare with the Dharma Realm and the Heavenly Kingdoms above the Dharma Realm. The heavens that humans usually refer to are actually the heavens in the Se Realm 色界 and the Wu Se Realm 無色界 within the Three Realms. Because each realm has ten layers of heavens, there are thirty-three layers of heavens in the Three Realms including the Three Realms themselves. People are in the Desire Realm 欲界, which is the lowest level, and the environment is also the worst. Life here is short, and the most frightening thing is that there is no True Reasoning in this world, and human principles are in opposition to that of the universe (except for the Law Principals taught by gods to humans). For example: "the victor will be the king"; "fight through war to rule"; "the stronger one is hero", etc., but in the eyes of gods, these are not the right principles since (the kings, rulers or heroes) obtain through killing and robbing. The universe and gods will not be like this, but it is necessary and feasible for human beings. This is the principle of the human world. Compared with the principle of the universe, it is "Anti-reasoning". Therefore, if a human being is to return to heaven, he must follow the True Reasoning to cultivate. Some people live a better life than others, and they think it's good. That's because people in this world compare themselves to each other, but they're all living in the garbage heap of the universe. The Three Realms are built on the outermost layer of the celestial universe, where the lowest, the most unrefined and most filthy particles, such as molecules and atoms, are composed of. In the eyes of God, this is where the garbage of the universe is discharged. Therefore, God regards the particles at the layer of molecules as soil, which is the lowest layer. This is also the original meaning of the saying in religion that "God created man out of soil." In reality, Gods used the layer of matter made of molecules to create human beings.


The creation of human beings by the gods was assigned by the Creator, and different gods were asked to create human beings with different appearances according to their own images: so, there are white people, yellow people, black people and other races. Although the appearance is different, the inner lives are all given by the Creator, thus they all have common values. The purpose of the Creator to instruct Gods to create human beings is to save all sentient beings in the universe, including the gods, in the end.


Then why did the Creator ask the Gods to create human beings in such a poor environment? Because here is the lowest level of the universe and the most bitter place. Only through suffering one can cultivate; and only through suffering one can eliminate sinful karma. If in the midst of suffering, one can still maintain kindness and know how to be grateful and how to be a good person, then this person is improving himself. Moreover, salvation is a bottom-up process, and it must start from the bottom. Life here is suffering; there will be conflicts of interests between people; natural environment is harsh and human beings have to work hard to survive, etc., all of which provide life with opportunities to improve and eliminate karma. It is certain that suffering can eliminate sinful karma. In the midst of suffering and conflicts, if a person can still maintain kindness, he will then accumulate merit and thus his life will be elevated.


When human world entered the modern time when the Creator needs to use human body to save sentient beings in the universe, most of the original lives in the human bodies were replaced by Gods who now are reincarnated as human beings. Because the human body can eliminate sins and karma in the midst of suffering, and at the same time, in the midst of irrationality, if human beings can stick to the True Reasonings spoken by God and maintain kindness, the lives of human beings will be elevated. The End has now come, the heavenly gates of the Three Realms have been opened, and the Creator is already choosing such kind people to save.


In the process of the Formation成-Stasis住-Decay壞of the celestial universe, everything has become impure, and not as good as it was when it was first formed, and that is why it will enter “Extinction滅". That is to say, everything in the cosmic body has gone bad and all sentient beings are not as good as they were in the beginning, their lives are not pure anymore, and they all have sinful karma, so they will perish. This kind of sin is called "original sin" in religion. In order to save the celestial universes, the Creator asked the Gods and Lords to come down to the human world to be human beings in this environment, to endure hardships, to improve, to eliminate sins, and to reshape themselves, and then return to heaven. (Because the Creator is recreating the universe while saving people), the New Celestial Universe is absolutely pure and beautiful. When people can maintain good thoughts in a difficult environment; upon facing the impact of modern concepts, if people can still stick to the traditional concepts; upon the shocking attack of Atheism and Evolution Theory, if people can still believe in God, then such a person will achieve the goal of being saved and returning to the kingdom of heaven. All the chaos are arranged by the Divine in the end; the purpose is to test whether human beings can be saved, and at the same time, suffering can also eliminate sinful karma in the process, and thus everything is done to save people back to the heavenly world.

那么也就是说,人生在世不是为了什么社会成就。人生奋斗、拼搏,不择手段的获取,这只能把人变坏。下世当人是为了消罪业,以修好自己为目地的。人来世是为了得救,是为了等创世主救回天国世界才来当人的,等待中生生世世都在积累功德,这也是人轮回转生的目地,乱世是为了成就众生。然而也有一些人面对困难求神帮助时,没有得到满足而开始恨神,从而走向反神的地步,甚至入魔道造下新的罪业。此等人赶快走回来,向神乞求宽恕,回头是岸。其实人生的一切,应得与不应得,都是前一生、前一世做的好与不好所造成的下一生、下一世因果,前一世所积累的福德多少而决定这一世或下一世的福分多少 。福德多,下一世就可能用福德换来高官厚禄,也可能换来各种钱财福分等,包括家庭是否幸福,甚至子女如何。这就是有人富,有人穷,有人当大官,有人无家可归的根本原因,不是共产邪党所宣传的均贫富的那一套魔鬼的说词。宇宙是公平的,生命做的好就有福报,做坏事就要偿还,今生不还下生还,这是绝对的宇宙法则!天、地、神、创世主对众生是慈悲的,天、地、人、神都是创世主造的,绝不会对哪些生命好,对哪些生命不好。因果报应,这是人生有福与无福的根本原因。

So that is to say, life is not for some social achievement. Struggle, fighting and unscrupulous acquisitions in life can only make people worse. The purpose of becoming a human is to eliminate sinful karma and to improve oneself. People come to this world to be saved, to wait for the Creator to be saved and return to the heavenly worlds. During their waiting (for the arrival of the Creator), people have been accumulating merits life after life. This is also the purpose of human reincarnation. The chaotic human world is to fulfill the lives of sentient beings. However, there are also some people who are not satisfied when they ask God for help when facing difficulties and so they start to hate God, and thus go to the point of rebelling against God, and even fall into the evil ways and create new sins. Such people shall return in a hurry and beg God for forgiveness. Turn around is the hope. In fact, everything in life, whether one considers to be deserved or not, is resulted from the good or bad doings of the last life and the good and bad doings of this life will result in what happens in the next life; it is all due to cause and effect. The amount of merit accumulated in the previous life determines this life or the next life to have how many blessings. If you have a lot of merit, in your next life, you may exchange your merit for a high official and rich salary, and you may also exchange for various wealth and blessings, including whether your family is happy or not, and even how your children are. This is the fundamental reason why some people are rich, some are poor, some are high officials, and some are homeless. It is not the devil's rhetoric of equalizing the rich and the poor as propagated by the evil Communist Party. The universe is fair. If you do well, you will be rewarded. If you do bad things, you will have to pay back. If you don’t pay back in this life, you will pay back in the next life. This is the absolute law of the universe! Heaven, earth, gods, and the Creator are merciful to all living beings. Heaven, earth, humans, and gods are all created by the Creator, who will never be good to some lives while be bad to some other lives. Causes and Effects are the fundamental roots of happiness and misfortune in life.


The manifestation of gains and losses, in reality, looks like the normal manifestation of human society, and is fundamentally the cause and effect of life itself. But whether one has or has not, or gains or loses, must conform to the state of human society. Therefore, no matter how rich or poor you are in life, you must do good deeds, refrain from doing bad deeds, be kind, respect heaven and God, and be willing to help others. In this way, merit will be accumulated, and there will be blessings in the next life. Elders in China used to say that if you suffer a lot in this life, don’t complain about it, do more good deeds and accumulate virtue, and you will be fine in the next life. That is to say if you did not do good things last life and failed to accumulate merits, your begging Gods will have no use. There are universal laws in the universe, and Gods have to follow them. If God does what he should not do, God will also be punished. It’s not as simple as people think. God has to give you whatever you want? The condition is that you must have the merit accumulated in the previous life and exchange it with the merit! Because this is determined by the law of the universe. But fundamentally speaking, this is not the fundamental purpose of accumulating merit. The most important thing is to accumulate more merits in life to pave the way for one's return to heaven, not to exchange for the temporary happiness of one moment of one life!

師 李洪志



Teacher Li Hongzhi

Twenty-ninth day of the twelfth lunar month in Renyin Year

January 20, 2023


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